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2019-02-06 Wed 131,104,358 - 342 - 4,069 -
2019-02-07 Thu 131,190,018 +85660 342 - 4,070 +1
2019-02-08 Fri 131,278,344 +88326 344 +2 4,072 +2
2019-02-09 Sat 131,413,088 +134744 344 - 4,072 -
2019-02-10 Sun 131,529,960 +116872 344 - 4,074 +2
2019-02-11 Mon 131,639,683 +109723 345 +1 4,077 +3
2019-02-12 Tue 131,750,151 +110468 345 - 4,078 +1
2019-02-13 Wed 131,834,104 +83953 344 -1 4,079 +1
2019-02-14 Thu 131,921,349 +87245 344 - 4,083 +4
2019-02-15 Fri 131,994,836 +73487 345 +1 4,087 +4
2019-02-16 Sat 132,104,411 +109575 345 - 4,089 +2
2019-02-17 Sun 132,219,280 +114869 345 - 4,090 +1
2019-02-18 Mon 132,323,129 +103849 345 - 4,092 +2
2019-02-19 Tue 132,413,486 +90357 345 - 4,096 +4
2019-02-20 Wed 132,505,479 +91993 345 - 4,097 +1
Total Summary +1401121 +28

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Current Stats 2019-02-20 132,505,479 4,097
30 days 2019-03-22 135,738,849 4,187
60 days 2019-04-21 138,972,219 4,277
3 months 2019-05-21 142,205,589 4,367
6 months 2019-08-19 151,905,699 4,637
9 months 2019-11-17 161,605,809 4,907
1 year 2020-02-20 171,844,814 5,192
1 year and half 2020-08-20 191,460,592 5,738
2 years 2021-02-19 211,184,149 6,287
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< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% therock 0.95%

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View Post A fun 38 degrees this morning in the traveling circus known as the #IronParadise 🥶 
Not my usual “hot as satan’s balls” temperature I prefer but hell’s heaters are being installed as we
Get to work. 
#DrinkUnleaded #ItWarmsTheBlood 2019-02-20 image A fun 38 degrees this mor.. 828,525 3,964
View Post I’ve come to kick ass and chew bubble gum.
Here’s what an “epic action movie fight” would look like between myself and @stephenmerchant - my director and writer of #FightingWithMyFamily. 
Always the best time with this guy. 
He made a brilliant film - but in a fight, I completely and 100% don’t give a fuck. 
#TheRock #TheMerch 
In theaters THIS FRIDAY! 2019-02-19 video I’ve come to kick ass a.. 234,777 1,716
View Post Blood, sweat & respect. 
The first two you give - the last one you earn. 
THE BATTLE OF THE TITANS is finally here. 
They’ve bled (literally), they’ve cried, they’ve endured hard loss, they’ve stood tall in the biggest victories. 
It all comes down to THIS THURSDAY NIGHT. 
#BloodSweatRespect #TitanGames 
@8pm on @NBC 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-02-19 video Blood, sweat & respect. .. 363,709 1,685
View Post I know I look like 12lbs of dog shit in a 2lb bag, but I was shooting big action sequences on “Hobbs & Shaw” when I stepped away to shoot this intro. 
We ALL have a little crazy in us and producing this inspiring underdog true story became a passion project on mine. Watch more in my bio. 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-02-19 video I know I look like 12lbs .. 524,444 3,106
View Post Dear audience, 
Oh the fun you are going to have this CHRISTMAS when you watch our new JUMANJI. 
Love you all, 
DJ aka Dwanta Claus.
DeVito aka Everyone’s favorite grandpa. 
Hart aka My chocolate biscuit shit son. 
📸 @hhgarcia41 2019-02-18 image Dear audience, Oh the fu.. 3,209,463 12,068
View Post A @sevenbucksprod movie is one that’s inclusive of ALL 🌍 audiences. 
Populous & critics alike. 
Cool to see their high marks align. 
A audience Cinemascore.
93% (and growing) critics RottenTomato score. 
So happy for our filmmakers and brilliant cast - you deserve every applause 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾that comes your way. 
In theaters NOW!
#IfYaSmell 💀 2019-02-18 video A @sevenbucksprod movie i.. 289,318 2,036
View Post A lil’ DJ FaceTime surprise for the audience who just watched #FightingWithMyFamily!! Big love to my star @realpaigewwe & her family as well as my producing partner @kevin.misher for FaceTiming me and holding the phone. 
And most importantly, HUGE LOVE to the audience for their support and especially, the mysterious woman who started crying and screamed, “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”.... Thank you 🙏🏾🖤
And I think we can all recognize who that mystery woman’s voice was.. I love you too, Meryl Streep. 
I love you too. 
#DJFaceTimeSurprise #FightingWithMyFamily
IN THEATERS NOW 2019-02-17 video A lil’ DJ FaceTime surp.. 405,218 1,413
View Post HOBBS & SHAW - ✌🏾out. 
My gratitude runs deep in sayin’ this goodbye. 
To EVERYONE who committed  their talents and time to making our movie as great as it can be and for putting their trust in me to help drive this passion project forward - THANK YOU. 
This production will always be more than a movie to me. 
It’s represents a soul, a DNA, a toughness, a perseverance and a CULTURE. 
I love you all and a big fa’afetai tele lava again for trusting me on this one. 
Audience always comes first... and they’re gonna have a fucking blast! 😈👊🏾
#ThatsAWrap #HobbsAndShaw #Culture 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-02-16 video HOBBS & SHAW - ✌🏾out.. 897,367 4,893
View Post 😂💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾 I SEE YOU BROTHA @c.t.ali.fletcher rockin’ my #ProjectRock1s - @underarmour’s #1 shoe! 
THANK YOU for the luv 🙏🏾🖤and thank you for being such a tremendous inspiration to me (for a few reasons we’ve spoken about) and every single day, we let all the candy asses know, ISYMFS. 
#ironaddicts4life #bloodsweatrespect 
#Repost @c.t.ali.fletcher
View Post Last men standing. 
HOBBS & SHAW is officially wrapped. 
Easily the most challenging film I’ve ever produced and starred in, however based on the fans’ insanely hyped “break the internet” reactions to our first trailer — this film is also shaping up to be my most rewarding. 
A HUGE bald and brotherly MAHALO to the man who trusted me and our chemistry and “pushed all his chips in” to make something bad ass and fun for the fans. 
My uso @jasonstatham. 
He’s one legit talented and tough bastard and the pure joy I got from making him laugh so fucking hard during the our takes he couldn’t even talk, I will always remember with evil 😈 glee. 
Finally, one of the best heli pilots in the world @fred_north demonstrating here our extreme commitment we all had to deliver the goods to our worldwide audience. 
#ThatsAWrap #LastMenStanding #AllChipsIn 
@sevenbucksprod 2019-02-16 image Last men standing. HOBBS.. 2,831,124 8,042
View Post Just call me “sweet rolls comin’ in hot” 
Bird ✈️ just touched down and my security team always has my truck ready for me to hop behind the wheel and roll out. 
These sumbitches left me a sweet surprise on the armrest. 
A very inside joke of a nickname I apparently earned (and it’s not what you think 😈) while we were shooting in Hawaii. 
Hawaiian Sweet Rolls or “Sweet Rolls” for short. 
And now SWEET ROLLS. 🤦🏽‍♂️🖕🏾 @pattyp2334 2019-02-15 image Just call me “sweet rol.. 1,105,376 6,327
View Post Laughin’ at the time back in high school when I got into a Valentine’s Day argument w/ my girlfriend and she so clearly told me where I could shove 😂🌹🤦🏽‍♂️my roses.
Flew from LA to Miami so I could spend an awesome afternoon and lovely dinner with my #1 Valentine @simonegjohnson. 
Little sleep but so well worth our invaluable and fun father/daughter time. 
SO PROUD of her and that apple sure didn’t fall far from this tree. 
Dropped her off, gave her a massive bear hug and back on the bird to get to work. 
A special Valentines and now excuse me while I get crazy and bring new meaning to the term “mile high club” by goin’ to town on my chicken and pasta.
#fatherdaughter #grateful🖤 2019-02-15 image Laughin’ at the time ba.. 5,395,883 20,890
View Post It’s all about 🖤😉
It was a first for our @sevenbucksprod to be selected for the Sundance Film Festival for our film #FightingWithMyFamily. 
We’re an “audience first” company with a “can do” spirit of perseverance — qualities that reflect the values of Sundance and its filmmakers. 
Good growth for our company and honored to get the nod from the apex of film festivals. 
#fightingwithmyfamily 2019-02-15 video It’s all about 🖤😉.. 433,719 1,473
View Post TONIGHT is the last chance for our competitors to prove they deserve to be TITANS. 
Next week our TITAN BATTLES begin and only two athletes will earn the ultimate & historic @NBCTitanGames title. 
TONIGHT on @NBC at 8pm.
#TequilaOnMe 💪🏾🥃 2019-02-14 video TONIGHT is the last chanc.. 342,756 1,471
View Post Happy Valentines Day.
Wanna play a game? 😈🖤
Here we go...
@sevenbucksprod @sonypictures 2019-02-14 image Happy Valentines Day. Wan.. 1,518,283 7,698
View Post Me before I crush my cookies on cheat day.
Brilliant @nicolelaeno with the 🔥🔥moves
Great job lil’ mama!! 👏🏾🤙🏾🌸 2019-02-14 video Me before I crush my cook.. 1,436,142 14,863
View Post As you now know, our TITAN WOMEN of @nbctitangames are the fuel that lights the fire. 
Our TITAN MEN dominate. 
Our TITAN WOMEN rock. 
And I also offer you marriage proposals on our show as well 😭 💍 👊🏾
Hat tip of respect to all my bad ass ladies! 
@sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod #shesaidYES 2019-02-13 video As you now know, our TITA.. 267,491 1,262
View Post Myself & @RealPaigeWWE have a very cool bond that makes this 
#PaigeReacts truly a MUST WATCH. 
She tells the true story in that I had the privilege of letting her know these three surprises on the night of WrestleMania/
A) she was making her @WWE debut the following night on RAW. 
B) she was also winning the Divas Championship the following night on RAW. 
C) My @sevenbucksprod was going to make a movie about her inspiring life. 
She immediately began to shake and I thought she was going to faint - but I was at there ready to catch her 😂💪🏾
It was an incredible moment between us that was very befitting of the girl who would go on to become the youngest @WWE Divas Champion in history and help lead the defining women’s revolution in the @WWE. 
#PaigeReacts. #FightingWithMyFamily 
LINK TO WATCH IN MY BIO ☝🏾☝🏾 2019-02-13 video Myself & @RealPaigeWWE ha.. 347,571 1,603
View Post Dreams ain’t just for dreamers.. so ya better dream big. 
Our #FightingWithMyFamily world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. 
Both audiences and critics loved our film and our @sevenbucksprod is very proud of our brilliant cast and filmmakers for delivering such a big crowd pleaser. 
Sundance - thank you for all the 🖤🙏🏾 and see ya’s down the road 
#SundanceFilmFest #WorldPremiere 
In theaters everywhere FEB 22nd. 
@danygarciaco @hhgarcia41 2019-02-13 video Dreams ain’t just for d.. 439,209 2,459
View Post When this lil’ estrogenic mini-me waits for me at the door and says “Daddy, have a great work today”.. I scoop her up and start to 🎣 for 🖤😂 Truth is, she’s exactly what I needed to see before hoppin’ in my pick up to go and shoot the biggest and most meaningful magazine cover of my career. 
Gotta keep it under wraps for now, but I’m so grateful and humbled by this career milestone - and look forward to sharing it with you when it comes out. 
I’m 97% sure I bribed Jazzy with broccoli to say nice things about me when the camera is rolling. 
Don’t judge. It’s how I roll. 
#MiniMe #CareerMilestone #grateful 2019-02-12 video When this lil’ estrogen.. 2,755,295 24,693
View Post Oh shit! Thanks for the luuuuv 🙏🏾✊🏾🖤
In the first 72hrs, our HOBBS & SHAW trailer had 167 MILLION views (more than AquaMan, Jumanji & Black Panther) at that point in time. 
I promise to deliver the biggest, baddest showdown the FAST & FURIOUS franchise has ever seen. 
Oh and your gonna laugh. Hard. 
Package of gratitude delivered. Boom. 
More to come. 
#HobbsAndShaw #InternetsFavoriteMovie 
Watch the full trailer in bio ☝🏾☝🏾 2019-02-11 video Oh shit! Thanks for the l.. 693,847 5,163
View Post Cool to see our #FightingWithMyFamily critics’ reviews tick up into the 90’s. 
I watched a gritty documentary back in 2012 about @realpaigewwe and immediately identified with her crazy, loving wrestling family, because they reminded me of my own crazy wrestling family. 
I thought this this documentary would make a crowd pleasing movie one day - years later, here we are. 
I’m very happy for our hard working, brilliant cast and filmmakers. 
You guys earned every cheer that comes your way on this one 👏🏾👏🏾
@sevenbucksprod 2019-02-10 image Cool to see our #Fighting.. 359,998 1,905
View Post Audience buzz surrounding our film #FightingWithMyFamily has been absolutely bat shit bananas 🍌🤯🙏🏾
Deep connection to my wrestling roots, so this one was an honor to develop and produce. 
What a brilliant cast led by our shining stars @florencepugh & @j_a_lowden 
And writer/director @stephenmerchant. 
#FightingWithMyFamily #ATrueStory 
#misherfilms 2019-02-10 video Audience buzz surrounding.. 258,281 1,447
View Post From $7Bucks in my pocket to $11Billion in worldwide box office. 
Grateful and motivated by the growth of our @sevenbucksprod’s enterprises with co-founder/boss lady @danygarciaco & president of production @hhgarcia41. 
Now we continue to build out in film, TV & digital and also focus on carving new and exciting paths beyond Hollywood, as I serve my one and only boss - the global audience. 
Thank you all for rockin’ with us! 🙏🏾👊🏾
#sevenbucks #steadygrowth 🌎 🥃
Mahalo @that_rebecca & @hollywoodreporter 2019-02-10 image From $7Bucks in my pocket.. 470,294 2,554
View Post My 6’7 award winning #FightingWithMyFamily writer & director @stephenmerchant layin’ down the gospel. 
So if ya think that movies I produce are all glamor, razza matazz and fast jets.. you’re a f*cking idiot 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
#Repost ・・・
A fascinating glimpse into the screenwriter’s craft. #fightingwithmyfamily #tallpeopleproblems #therock 2019-02-09 video My 6’7 award winning #F.. 553,694 3,915
View Post After years of development and working with the best partners in the spirits business - we’re one step closer to delivering my passion and mana for the world to enjoy. 
This one’s for you. 
Let’s have a drink. 
#tequila #comingsoon #cheers 🥃 2019-02-08 image After years of developmen.. 4,792,672 35,101
View Post #TBT to The Blamoan (Black & Samoan) Beast - pregame autograph signing at our famed Orange Bowl when I was ballin’ for THE U. 
22yrs old, broke like a MF’r and extremely hungry to make it. 
And as you can see being bald is my choice dammit 😂
Took me years to finally understand what a lucky SOB I am to actually have fan ask for my autograph. 
Back then, I didn’t understand how cool it is or how grateful I should be to have someone care enough to ask for your signature. 
Because the alternative is simple — go back to being broke and nobody givin’ a shit about gettin’ my autograph. 
Once I realized that, I never turned down an autograph request again.
Unless the person’s an asshole 😉. #TheBlamoanBeast 
#1InYourHeart 🤢 2019-02-07 image #TBT to The Blamoan (Blac.. 3,751,247 15,418
View Post Ladies and gents, the gremlin known as HOBBS. 
As producer of @hobbsandshaw, I thought it was the right thing to do to actually cast my French bulldog in our movie. 
Nepotism shmepotism 😉💁🏽‍♂️
Three years ago we brought puppy Hobbs and his baby brother, Brutus home to become our ohana. 
Sadly, we lost puppy Brutus a few months later. Broke our hearts, but this little beast Hobbs goes on to live his best life daily and I’m quite proud of his performance in our movie. 
Plus, he dropped a steaming 3 curler 💩 right in the middle of the set 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
The biggest star the Fast & Furious franchise has ever seen and one bad ass sumbitch. 
AUGUST 2ND 2019-02-06 video Ladies and gents, the gre.. 707,626 5,856
View Post Packed a punch alright - right in my pasty asshole partner @jasonstatham‘s face. 
My goal with @hobbsandshaw was to infuse it with the fun spirit of LETHAL WEAPON & 48 HOURS. 
With an action & storytelling POV that was unique, stylistic and bad ass from our director @davidmleitch. 
I’m pumped to deliver this one to the worldwide audience. 
#packsapunch #hobbsandshaw 
AUGUST 2nd 💪🏾🔥
@sevenbucksprod 2019-02-06 image Packed a punch alright - .. 737,490 3,475
View Post Mahalo @adweek 🔥🔥
When our Fast & Furious title had an 8 at the end of it - the smart biz move was to build out, elevate the franchise & deliver something cool and fresh for the fans. 
Audiences reactions worldwide have been 🔥🔥🔥 straight fire. 
I had a lot fun producing this one and so grateful for all the amazing support. 
Much more to come! 
AUG 2nd 🔥🔥 2019-02-06 image Mahalo @adweek 🔥🔥 W.. 1,075,541 4,594
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