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2019-04-09 Tue 138,110,171 - 356 - 4,190 -
2019-04-10 Wed 138,216,251 +106080 356 - 4,191 +1
2019-04-11 Thu 138,321,016 +104765 356 - 4,191 -
2019-04-12 Fri 138,421,945 +100929 356 - 4,193 +2
2019-04-13 Sat 138,530,032 +108087 356 - 4,193 -
2019-04-14 Sun 138,629,666 +99634 356 - 4,196 +3
2019-04-15 Mon 138,766,000 +136334 356 - 4,200 +4
2019-04-16 Tue 138,867,662 +101662 359 +3 4,202 +2
2019-04-17 Wed 138,976,687 +109025 360 +1 4,204 +2
2019-04-18 Thu 139,092,597 +115910 360 - 4,207 +3
2019-04-19 Fri 139,224,719 +132122 360 - 4,207 -
2019-04-20 Sat 139,341,108 +116389 360 - 4,208 +1
2019-04-21 Sun 139,458,558 +117450 360 - 4,208 -
2019-04-22 Mon 139,583,260 +124702 360 - 4,209 +1
2019-04-23 Tue 139,610,716 +27456 360 - 4,210 +1
Total Summary +1500545 +20

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Current Stats 2019-04-22 139,610,716 4,210
30 days 2019-05-22 143,362,096 4,270
60 days 2019-06-21 147,113,476 4,330
3 months 2019-07-21 150,864,856 4,390
6 months 2019-10-19 162,118,996 4,570
9 months 2020-01-17 173,373,136 4,750
1 year 2020-04-21 185,252,506 4,940
1 year and half 2020-10-20 208,010,878 5,304
2 years 2021-04-21 230,894,296 5,670
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< 1,000 8%
< 5,000 5.7%
< 10,000 4%
< 100,000 2.4%
100,000+ 1.7% therock 1.40%

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View Post Flyin’ back from work and my flight crew surprised me with my @TIME cover 🎉🍾🙏🏾
The magnitude of this cover hasn’t really sank in yet, I think because it’s all just so damn surreal. 
I may have to take this private bird to and from work every now and then, but I still live in the country and drive my pick up truck so a recognition blows me away. 
Mahalo Kimberly for this incredibly thoughtful gesture. 
You Rock - pun intended. 
#TIME #MostInfluential #surprise 2019-04-22 image Flyin’ back from work a.. 478,647 2,919
View Post If you look right there, you’ll find what the Easter Daddy, I mean Bunny left you. 
100 eggs for Jazzy & her cousins for their hunt - all filled with tiny toys. 
No candy when you come to the Rock’s house - last thing I need is wrangling a bunch whacked out kiddos who’ve become candy crack heads on the sugar come down 👼🏼👉🏾👹
We had such a fun Easter with our ohana and hope you guys did too. 
Lets get back to work. 2019-04-22 image If you look right there, .. 2,931,309 10,868
View Post Toured with the Jay Rock, with the homie K Dot 
Like I didn’t have a lay lock 
Like I never went on the set of Ballers with Mr Baywatch. 
Appreciate the shoutout from my uso @therealtechn9ne. 
The most successful underground and independent artist of ALL TIME. 
Been rockin’ with him and @strangemusicinc for decades now. 
We share the same DNA - once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full. 
Highly recommend his new album #N9NA available now if you’re ready to get hyped. 
#AlwaysHungry #NeverFull #N9NA #StrangeMusic 2019-04-20 video Toured with the Jay Rock,.. 555,977 3,822
View Post Get that popcorn and tequila out again, cause we're back with our  second WORLDWIDE @HobbsAndShaw trailer. 
The biggest and baddest showdown of the summer hits AUGUST 2nd. 
Until then, cheers & enjoy 🍿🥃
@SevenBucksProd 2019-04-18 video Get that popcorn and tequ.. 2,565,025 34,218
View Post Happy 1st Birthday to our strong lil’ beauty, Tiana Gia. 
Get used to daddy’s hands kid ~ they’ll always have your back. 
#puamana 🌺🖤 2019-04-18 image Happy 1st Birthday to our.. 6,807,254 37,597
View Post Buckle. Up. 
Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll drop our brand new trailer for HOBBS & SHAW. 
I think you’re gonna dig it.
@sevenbucksprod 2019-04-17 video Buckle. Up. Tomorrow (Th.. 627,425 3,366
View Post I’m boundlessly humbled and honored to grace the cover of @TIME. 
I’ve been quite the lucky man over the decades to have such a successful career, but it’s only due to the deep connection I have with the fans, the audience - the people. 
To have success at something is one thing, but to have global positive influence on people’s lives is the greatest and most powerful strength one could ever have. 
Thank you TIME Magazine for this exceptional honor. 
And most importantly, thank you to my one and only boss - the people. 
Our connection will always remind me that it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. 
Cheers 🥃 ~ DJ 
@paridukovic 📸 2019-04-17 image I’m boundlessly humbled.. 1,784,831 14,612
View Post Life can be so bat shit unpredictable as I’m right back in the place (Calgary) where my $7 bucks story began - and its also on the eve of 
announcing to you one of the biggest honors of my entire career. 
Life is also so wildly ironic because any bit of success I’ve been a lucky SOB to have is a direct result of our connection. 
Excited to share this big news with you guys & gals tomorrow morning. 
#bucketlist 2019-04-16 video Life can be so bat shit u.. 1,276,048 9,520
View Post Defining memories. Wow. 
Landed last night here in Calgary, Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 to continue shooting JUMANJI. 
My brain was flooded with crazy experiences here. 
This is the city where me having only $7 bucks in my pocket all began. 
I have a deep reverence for this town ~ she shook me in the best possible way. 
Good to be back. 
Let’s get to work.
#7buckaroos 2019-04-16 image Defining memories. Wow. .. 2,852,712 13,849
View Post I love tight fits. 
Wait.. never mind. 
New @hobbsandshaw trailer drops in 48hrs. 
I think you’ll like it.
@sevenbucksprod 2019-04-16 video I love tight fits. Wait... 812,487 4,893
View Post This adorable little darlin’ cupcake came to meet me and present me with a beautiful 🌺 lei. 
I bent down to tell her how much I LOVE to eat little children, but she seemed totally unfazed. 
Big mahalo to all the fans who wait a long time to say hello and meet. 
Always my pleasure 🙏🏾
And yes, this is how I have to talk to my lil’ chocolate biscuit son @kevinhart4real. 
📸 @hhgarcia41 2019-04-15 image This adorable little darl.. 2,647,616 9,146
View Post Came out to say hello to fans who were waiting outside our set in Hawaii - met a military family who’s Papa Bear is being deployed for 7 months. 
That’s a looong time for a man to be away from his family. 
My 🖤💪🏾goes out. 
Eventually, he made his way to set and I had a chance to shake his hand and thank him for his service. 
Check out little man at the end who just saw my movie Rampage and apparently loved my gorilla, George 🦍🖕🏾😂 giving me the middle finger. 
#BestPartOfMyJob 2019-04-15 video Came out to say hello to .. 735,132 4,072
View Post New trailer for HOBBS & SHAW drops in 3 days. I think you’ll like it.. 2019-04-15 video New trailer for HOBBS & S.. 629,538 3,504
View Post Join us TONIGHT our SEASON FINALE of #FindingJusticeBET on @BET. 
Our goal was to create a docu-series that was compelling, provocative and informed. 
My ask wasn’t that you agree with everything we presented, but rather that you never rushed to snap judgements, watch the series, then have open dialogue on what’s best course of action and how do we improve on these critical issues in our struggling communities across the US. 
Thanks again for joining us and thank you to ALL the change makers who participated in our series. 
TONIGHT @8pm on @BET
@SevenBucksProd 2019-04-14 video Join us TONIGHT our SEASO.. 386,467 2,450
View Post Let the blood flow. 
Putting my newly designed with bad ass innovation @underarmour PROJECT ROCK 2’s 👟 in one of my favorite colors - Blood Orange. 
These will drop this summer (6/27) and get ready for one of, if not THE best training shoe you’ll ever earn your gains in. 
And this exercise is one of the many reasons I’m a helluva hugger. 
#ProjectRock2s 👟
Drops this SUMMER 🔥💪🏾 2019-04-14 video Let the blood flow. Putt.. 1,793,398 12,797
View Post As intensive as our production is of shooting our new JUMANJI (12-14hr days) here in the jungle, we ALWAYS find ways and reasons to laugh our asses off. 
and our writer/director Jake “The Snake” Kasdan. 
Nothing but love & respect for my boys and our hard working, brilliant film crew. 
And the LAST THING Kevin needs is highly caffeinated coffee 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
📸 @masistills 2019-04-14 image As intensive as our produ.. 2,423,470 6,992
View Post Last one before I hit the road 🥃
Rejuvenating to hang with my grandparents every morning before I went to work this week in Hawaii. 
Funny how our lost loved ones have a unique way of talking to us - if we’re really listening - on how we should be living our lives as full as possible. 
And for the record, taking two shots of tequila with my grandfather’s spirit at 8am sure woke my ass up.. WOO! 
I’ll set em’ up, High Chief and we’ll knock em’ down together. 
Love you both and see ya down the road 🥃🖤
#soulinventory 2019-04-14 image Last one before I hit the.. 1,049,172 3,693
View Post Iron sharpens iron. 
Gettin’ killer workouts in here in Hawaii. 
I work all around the world, but always good to come back home to sharpen the iron in our aloha spirit. 
Let the blood flow. 
#rentsdue 🌺 2019-04-12 video Iron sharpens iron. Gett.. 2,599,265 25,176
View Post As the sun comes up here in Hawaii, I come to my grandparent’s grave to soak in some mana and love before I go workout and then head into work. 
I’m sure I look like a crazy person talking to the air, but our lost loved ones and ancestors have a unique way of centering & guiding us. 
Good to see the flower 🌸 lei I left for her is still here from a few days ago. 
The shot of tequila 🥃 I left him is gone though. 
Eh he probably shared the drink with his all his buddies 👻😉💫💪🏾 2019-04-12 image As the sun comes up here .. 1,066,376 4,557
View Post A special short film from @ESPN, @SevenBucksDS, @RocknRobinTV that tells the story of my lifelong friend, hero and @SpecialOlympics athlete -- Milton McBride Rosen. 2019-04-10 video A special short film from.. 2,247,158 19,249
View Post On the other side of struggle is always something better. #YearsLater #LivingProof 2019-04-08 video On the other side of stru.. 3,511,870 41,732
View Post Double shot of tequila 🥃 for him. 
Beautiful lei 🌺 for her. 
So good to spend some alone time with my grandma and grandpa today here in Hawaii. 
Life is so wildly hectic and unpredictable. 
But it’s amazing how slowing down to sit and talk with the spirits of your loved ones can recalibrate your soul. 
Much needed. 
Heart is full. 
Love you both, promise kept 🥃🌺 2019-04-08 image Double shot of tequila .. 1,644,575 8,814
View Post 2019-04-07 video 3,432,612 25,971
View Post Woke up in Atlanta this morning and trained legs. 
Flew 10hrs and just landed in Hawaii and had to come to the gym to finish training legs. 
2 training sessions. 
2 different states. 
1 very long day. 
Big mahalo to my friends @theironhawaiian & @ironcandyfitness for opening the gym tonight once I landed so I can finish what I started. 
@ironhawaiianfitness is one of my favorite hard core gyms in the world, where my training is respected and I’m left alone. 
Always good to come back home to the islands & ohana. 
#FinishWhatYouStart 2019-04-07 image Woke up in Atlanta this m.. 2,202,918 7,848
View Post My new @underarmour #RockHOVRS👟 are designed with Bluetooth powered sensors inside the thick sole and updated engineering for all you hardest workers in the room. 
You responded by making these @underarmour‘s #1 selling training shoe and a big success for our #ProjectRock Brand. 
Much work still to be done as I push myself and our collective teams to deliver the greatest of quality to you when it comes to your health and training. 
Enjoy the our new #BendBoundariesCollection. 
LINK UP TOP ☝🏾 2019-04-06 video My new @underarmour #Rock.. 1,479,088 14,923
View Post ✌🏾out from Dr. Smolder Bravestone of JUMANJI. 
That’s a wrap on our Atlanta portion of production. 
A huge THANK YOU to our hard working & talented Georgia film crew. Once again, it’s been my pleasure to put in the work with all of you and look forward to our next adventure down the road. 
Our production train rolls on to shoot in some pretty wild locations - the hot jungles 🌴 to the icy snow capped mountains 🏔 and to the blistering desert 🐫 dunes.
Still much work to be done, but we’re making something pretty cool & fun for our audiences around the world this Christmas. 
@hhgarcia41 📸 2019-04-06 image ✌🏾out from Dr. Smold.. 3,264,447 11,960
View Post On set. JUMANJI. 
Lining up an extremely precise shot to this very bad man’s kisser. 
Trust me, he deserves what’s coming to him 😈💀
Shooting late nights and long hours with my brilliant filmmaking crew. 
Excited to deliver this movie to you guys - we’re makin’ a good one. 
Call out it’s name. 
@masistills 📸 2019-04-05 image On set. JUMANJI. Lining .. 927,764 3,442
View Post No herky jerky movements. 
A microcosm for life/ 
Slow, steady precision - then go in for the kill. 
Finish your week strong. 
#ironparadise #jumpjump #WSR 2019-04-05 video No herky jerky movements... 1,667,659 11,711
View Post Always so cool to earn, “thunderous applause” for our new HOBBS & SHAW trailer. 
Mahalo to all the press, exhibitors and theater owners for your awesome support. 
I’m excited to deliver our new trailer to the world in a few weeks. 
Oh look, I finally got @jasonstatham to smile by telling him to kindly f*ck off. 
#thunderous ⚡️
#earned 2019-04-04 image Always so cool to earn, .. 685,415 4,609
View Post Just dropped off ~ Vegas. 
Excited to show our new HOBBS & SHAW trailer to the CinemaCon crowd. 
Hope you enjoy - let’s rock and roll. 
@sevenbucksprod 🦅 🥃
@hhgarcia41 📸 2019-04-03 image Just dropped off ~ Vegas... 3,086,445 18,675
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